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Mad' In Europe: Share my commitment in raising awareness about fine and traditional crafts

Dear friends,


You know I’m very committed in raising awareness about the value of TRADITIONAL AND FINE CRAFTS which I believe are a keystone  in the construction of our cultural heritage, of our economy and of our identities.  Only  awareness will help them survive. For this reason I created 5 years ago and I occasionally send newsletters to introduce craftsmen, to showcase their work and know-how, to promote trainings in crafts or to announce prestigious events in the crafts business. My objective is to let be your best source of excellence in crafts … and to contribute to European crafts success internationally.  


I try to not invade your mailbox by sending  the newsletter only  monthly, or if really necessary, twice a month.  Of course you will only receive emails related to crafts and I will never share you contact with any other party. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time in the future.

In order to comply with the new EU regulation about Data Protection I’m cleaning and updating our mailing list and I’m now inviting you to ENTER YOUR DATA  and CHOSE YOUR PREFERENCES    for our newsletter by clicking on the link below.  Of course you are welcome to share this email with your friends.





All the best, Madina Benvenuti Arborio di Gattinara

Director of Mad’in Europe - Tel : +32 475 83 74 88